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Spirituality is awakening to the "Divinity" within yourself.

Spirituality is the essence of who and what we truly are. We are Divine spiritual beings who are having a physical experience. The purpose of incarnation is to experience what we are not in order to better understand what we really are. By veiling ourself to Universal Truth, we can indulge in the deceptions of the ego and partake in the superficial spoils and pleasures of the physical realm. Once our visit comes to an end, we will return from whence we came. Keep in mind that it is possible to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth by becoming fully conscious and self-aware thereby gaining the unique experience of transcending the ego which will allow you to feel pure joy and ecstasy while you are here.

You can't prove spirituality exists because there is nothing physical you can use as evidence, but those who exsist within this truth typically can't be convinced otherwise. This is because they Feel It with every fiber of their being, and as a consequence they recognize Divinity manifesting itself in their lives on a daily basis. Those who are unaware of this divine presence, merely justify what they can't explain as a coincidence, fluke or a chance happening. The reality is, there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens in your life has purpose, and that purpose is to help you re-connect with your spiritual self and become conscious of reality. In other words, complete alignment with your spirit means becoming fully conscious, self-realized, awakened, or enlightened.

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Although Divinity is typically associated with organized religion, religion itself is a separate entity and does not guarantee the experience of the divine, even still some religions make that promise.

You don't have to participate in religion in order to be aligned with Divinity.

Universal Truth is something that emerges from within and can be experienced by anyone at any time with no authority whatsoever. Think of religious organizations as being simply a resource or helpful step in the process for learning about God. Remember you already hold all the answers within you, so don't ignore your internal guidance system.

For much of my life, and certainly it is true of my wife, I participated in religion and for the most part it taught me good concepts; kindness, honesty, generosity, patience and purity or the avoidance of sin, the list goes on but as I came into my own I began to question some of what I was learning. Every church I was involved in based it's teachings on being right and having access to more truth than others. In this way they considered the group exclusive creating separation. That never sat well with me and I have come to see that truth is always inclusive. I have since parted ways with the organization but have held all the teachings that serve me and discarded the rest. Religion is a wonderful place to start and one must not be surprised when it is transcended.

Divinity expresses itself through every person. When you're aware that there is a Higher Power or Universal Energy that governs our lives, that is what is referred to as being awakened or conscious. Many may find it difficult to realize that you aren't really in control of what is happening to you. When we think we are in control, that is a sure sign that in that moment the ego is actually in charge. Imagine what is must be like to think you can control a situation and then nothing turns out the way you expected, talk about frustrating! Being confused about having control also leads us to feel disconnected and alone in the world because we have mentally separated ourselves from the "Source". This "Source" or what some might call God, is what actually governs our lives and our connection to Him provides comfort and security.

When we believe we're in control and reality proves to us that we're not (which it will), we experience fear and it feels as if the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. we discover that the control we thought we had isn't actual. No matter how much effort you put out to ensure something will happen just the way you want it to, reality comes along and alters our plans. Anyone who has tryed and failed to control what cannot be controlled knows that control it's self is an illusion and the wise person understands that all plans are tentative and subject to change with the tide of reality. Life cannot be controlled, however emerging spirituality re-connects us to the truth that God is a much better leader. As we fully understand this, our fears will diminish and we will relax in knowing that everything is being taken care of at every moment.

It is a Universal truth that we are all One and Universal energy that connects each of us to everything and everyone else!

Energy has no borders or boundaries and even though the intensity of energy can be different, it is the same energy from the same source. Energy goverend by our level of Human Consciousness, will be explained on this link. When we accept the fact that we are one with everything it insights our compassion toward all that is.

David R Hawkins is one of the leading authorities on the subject of Consciousness

His work includes the creation of the "map of consciousness". through the use of kinesiology and this unique scale, one can discern the difference between truth and falsehood. This is a great feat that the mind cannot accomplish unaided, but the method he uses bypasses the mind and the ego, going directly to the discovery of universal truth. He was the most highly conscious being on the planet untill Octobr of 2012 when he passed from this realm. He has writing books that have impacted my life in ways that I cannot calculate such as "Truth vs. Falsehood", "Power vs. Force", etc.

For more information visit David R Hawkins website at; www.veritaspub.com

I have always believed in God, I think due to my mother's influence. This belief has helped me put many of the events throughout my life into perspective even though my understanding was very limited as a child. When I look back, I see how everything I went through was exactly what I needed to experience for my best oppotunity for growth. When you go through something you perceive as difficult, it's challenging to recognize the purpose in the moment. Time typically facilitates a higher viewpoint

Currently, as consciousness continues to emerge in my life, I see how divinity manifests itself in everything, and how it continually guides my choices and understandings about life and the journey I am on. Where it is taking me is not always clear, comfortable or easy to accept, but I recognize the huge opportunities for growth each new experience and challenge brings. My fears slowly diminish each time I rise to the occasion and meet a challenge head on. I've come to realize that no perceived problem is too big to overcome through clarity and understanding.

For an in depth look at how the awakening process has personally affected our lives you can;

Follow this Link to view the Preface of our book "Manifesting Consciousness",
Sub-Titled; A Personal Journey Through the Awakening Process

or click on the following link to Download Our Book .

"Spiritual progress ensues automatically from choosing good-will, forgiveness, and lovingness as a way of being in the world at large rather than viewing it as a gain-seeking transaction"
David R Hawkins

"In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body."
Barbara De Angelis

"Spirituality exists wherever we struggle with the issue of how our lives fit into the greater cosmic scheme of things. This is true even when our questions never give way to specific answers or give rise to specific practices such as prayer or meditation. We encounter spiritual issues every time we wonder where the universe comes from, why we are here, or what happens when we die. We also become spiritual when we become moved by values such as beauty, love, or creativity that seem to reveal a meaning or power beyond our visible world. An idea or practice is "spiritual" when it reveals our personal desire to establish a felt-relationship with the deepest meanings or powers governing life."
Robert C. Fuller

"Effective spiritual endeavor is a consequence of constancy and persistence rather than fits and starts of enthusiasm."
David R Hawkins

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul;
Unbelief, in denying them."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character."
Margaret Chase Smith


In essence, Divinity is the recognition or remembrance of your natural state.
This physical experience is merely a temporary realm for us to experience something other than what we really are.

Coming Home

As you start to remember who you really are, your begin to feel comfortable like you would in a happy home.
Remembering who you are, re-connects you with the Source which is God or your spirit, and this connection alleviates fear and brings with it a sense of warmth and love.

The Goal of this Website:

The Awakening Workshop's primary purpose is to help others transform their experience of life into one that is authentic and joyous by providing resources and personal examples to assist in becoming
self-realized and conscious of reality.

The teachings of:

David R Hawkins
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Taylor Hartman
have been fundamental in guiding us on the path towards enlightenment.

The culmination of everything we have experienced and learned
has led us to write our own book titled:
Manifesting Consciousness

A Personal Journey Through The Awakening Process

To download a free version of our book click on the following link:


The Preface link will give you a small taste of what our book is about:


Please feel free to E-Mail us with any comments or questions you may have about this subject matter, or if you wish to share your own personal experiences, by going to the
Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

we can eliminate fear and darkness by shining the light of truth upon it.


Our workshops provide the "tools" and support to help you create a happy, peaceful life!

In sharing our experiences, along with the challenges and pitfalls that accompanied them,
we hope to bridge the gap between the message of great spiritual masters throughout history by showing how their teachings play out in everyday life.

Facing one's fears, insecurities, and suppressed pain, is a monumental undertaking,
but with help and guidance,
you will discover that no challenge is to difficult to handle and no obstacle is to high to climb.


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