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Spiritual partnerships are relationships who's primary purpose is to help one another connect
with the Source or the One.

These partnerships example; Spiritual Growth, Self-Awareness,
Consciousness and Love.

Many people depict Spiritual Partnerships as being "Soul Mates", however I try to stay away from this label because it has been misinterpreted and therefore misused and misunderstood.

Every relationship is a Spiritual Partnership because each one is Divinely orchestrated and designed to help promote our growth. However, some relationships example a shared desire to discover "Divinity and Truth" as their primary focus, where as other relationships example; Human Conditioning, Unconsciousness, Egoic Behavior, Dysfunction, and Fear Based Attributes.

The paradox is that even the relationships that are unhealthy and abusive, are still divine in nature and perfect for our spiritual growth.

Some relationships example fear based ideals, and some example love.

Divinity simply implies a spiritual partnership that promotes the greater good, self-awareness, spiritual growth, and emerging Consciousness, which is what "love" really is.

Emerging consciousness, or in other words, Awakening to reality, is our primary purpose as human beings. Each of us is an enlightened being just waiting to be exposed. There is nothing we have to learn or do to accomplish this. All that's required is a removal of the thick layer of social conditioning and ego driven thought processes that are covering up our true essence.

That true essence is Divinity.

As consciousness emerges within you, everything will start to change as you begin to see the insanity of how you and the world tends to operate. This insane behavior is a byproduct of the ego and fear based social conditioning. Seeing reality for the first time can be quite shocking, but conscious understanding will soon follow.

Spiritual partnerships assist us on our journey towards self-awareness and consciousness, along with Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. In fact, every relationship we have is specifically designed for this purpose. Some relationships show us who we are not, and some relationships show us who we are, but every relationship is pivotal in giving us exactly what we need to become self realized.

The main difference that a spiritual partnership offers, is a relationship that is aligned with your own life path. In other words, each partner shares a similar outlook about life and how they choose to participate and contribute to it.

Before the will or desire arises in us to become self aware, we typically have to be pretty unhappy in our current life situation. Simply put, until we are done suffering and fet up with life and the consequences of unconscious living, we don't have the courage or determination to see and take responsibility for our participation in egoic, unconscious behavior. The trick is to try to view the behavior without judgment towards yourself. Of course this is easier said than done, but try to understand that the behavior isn't actually you. It is the creation of the unconscious mind and the ego. By objectively observing your unconscious behavior you will start to separate or loose your identity with the behavior. This is where a spiritual partnership can be helpful because they can help you with this process in many different ways.

A good spiritual partner will most likely point out the unhealthy behavior in you. They may do this by telling you about your behavior or by exampling it in themselves. It is easier to see in others that which we don't want to see in ourselves.

In addition, your partner can help you recognize when the ego is rising up in you by simply saying "I think that's the ego talking", which might give you pause before the ego takes over completely. Of course the ego doesn't like to be exposed and it will quickly try to persuade you that your complaints are justified. A good partner won't believe it's story and will continue trying to point out the truth to you. For Deniece and I these battles have gone late into the night if not for days or even weeks at times. The good news is, as consciousness continues to emerge within you these battles tend to get shorter and shorter in duration.

Spiritual partnerships are much different than Romantic Relationships. Romantic love is typically short lived and generally wears off after the newness of the relationship subsides and infatuation dissolves. Lasting romance can continue in a relationship but only if it comes from a deeper place. A relationship built on a solid foundation that incorporates personal growth, can share a very deep sense of love that stems from mutual respect and genuine interest in each other.

Personally, I discovered that once I started to recognize who I really was and what I really wanted, that's when I was ready for my spiritual partner to enter my life. In other words, when I started to see life beyond the limitations of the ego's desires, I wanted to experience something deeper that was everlasting and real. First I had to experience who I wasn't before I was ready to experience who I really was. I had to live the consequences of choosing superficial outer distractions over self awareness, inner peace, spiritual guidance, and love. Then as I began to awaken, I was blessed to be given the rare gift of having a spiritual partner enter my life to share the awakening journey with me.

For my wife and I, spiritual partnerships mark the beginning of a dream starting to manifest itself. Both of us always felt we would have a deep, meaningful relationship with someone at some point in our lives, we just didn't understand when it would happen or how that relationship would actually be like. The ego believes in fairy tales, but reality is much different! Ironically, reality proved to be much better and more meaningful than any fantasy could ever be!

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"Soul mates are the rare union of two individuals who's physical life paths are joined in alignment to promote and example spiritualty and the fact that we are all one."
Travis Dumont

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