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Human consciousness is Our Primary Goal and Purpose
as Human Beings

Achieving Human Consciousness or Enlightenment, is the primary purpose of our existence as human beings. Ultimately, it's the combining or merging of the spiritual realm and the physical realm into one experience.

As our level of consciousness increases, we become aware of the Spiritual Realm
and the existence of that divine presence in our lives. Most of us operate primarily in the physical because the ego is in control, but as our consciousness increases we reconnect with our spirit and align ourselves once again with the Universe. Ironically, our spirit or God has always goverend our lives, we just haven't been aware of it. Consciousness reveals this governing presence thereby increasing the opportunity for us to experience joy, happiness, and peace.

The primary reason must of us are unhappy is due to the fact that we have placed our worth and happiness in the physical which is ever changing. Therefore, anything physical is unable to produce sustainable, longlasting joy. All we can hope to achieve from the physical world is short lived pleasure at best. This is why it is important to eventually incorporate the spiritual realm into our physical experience so that we can finally experience a state of being that is everlasting, authentic, peaceful, and joyous!

Eventually, the Spiritual Awakening Journey helps you realize that the spiritual realm is more real than the physical one. Upon having this recognition, life as you know it begins to change as you start to transcend the physical along with the deceptions of the ego. Human consciousness is simply becoming self-aware, and that awareness will change your perception of yourself along with your perception of the world around you.

What we believe to be true about ourselves,
we tend to project onto the world around us.

As human consciousness increases the ego loses its power over you. In any given moment in life, the "higher you" (which is your spiritual self) or the ego is in charge, there are no other options. Depending on which is in charge determines your state of being and level of happiness. When the ego is in control your human experience can be a nightmare, but when your spirit is guiding you that nightmare can be transformed into a heavenly paradise. It might be a helpful practice to increase your human consciousness by pausing for a moment to ask which "self" is calling the shots in your life right now.

Human Consciousness is the key that unlocks the door, freeing you to enjoy the physical experience instead of being controlled by it or by fearing it. The trick is to learn how to be in the world, but not of it. That's what consciousness allows you to do.

David R Hawkins is the leading authority on consciousness work. His work includes the creation of the "scale and map of consciousness", the explanation of kundalini energy, the use and reference to 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous that deal with issues like alcoholism and drug abuse, "A Course In Miracles", and many other helpful topics.

For more information visit David R Hawkins website at;

As you Awaken and become more conscious, you learn to stop resisting life as you see that everything has purpose in helping you become self aware. Even our most difficult challenges are divinely orchestrated for this purpose. Eventually you will see God's hand in everything.

For me, increased human consciousness will change the way we operate on this planet. It wont make our physical circumstances any easier, it will simply change what we value thereby changing our motivations. Eventually we discover that our physical circumstances have nothing to do with our happiness, it's our perception of life. Transcendence of the physical changes the pursuit of happiness to simply being happy. That's when joy awakens in your life.

"To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Author, Lutheran Pastor, Theologian, and Martyr)

"The human world represents a purgatorial-like range of opportunities and choices, from the most grim to the exalted, from criminality to nobility, from fear to courage, from despair to hope, and from greed to charity. Thus, if the purpose of the human experience is to evolve, then this world is perfect just as it is."
David R Hawkins

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
Philip K. Dick

"Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival."
Rene Dubos

"Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an un-habitual way."
William James


Human Consciousness,
raises one's level of humanity, compassion, and understanding, all of which is necessary for peace and happiness to fill your life.
Human Consciousness also bridges the gap between the physical realm and the spiritual thereby aligning you with your spiritual path.

The Goal of this Website:

The Awakening Workshop's primary purpose is to help others transform their experience of life into one that is authentic and joyous by providing resources and personal examples to assist in becoming
self-realized and conscious of reality.

The teachings of:

David R Hawkins
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Taylor Hartman
have been fundamental in guiding us on the path towards enlightenment.

The culmination of everything we have experienced and learned
has led us to write our own book titled:
Manifesting Consciousness

A Personal Journey Through The Awakening Process

To download a free version of our book click on the following link:


The Preface link will give you a small taste of what our book is about:


Please feel free to E-Mail us with any comments or questions you may have about this subject matter, or if you wish to share your own personal experiences, by going to the
Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

we can eliminate fear and darkness by shining the light of truth upon it.


Our workshops provide the "tools" and support to help you create a happy, peaceful life!

In sharing our experiences, along with the challenges and pitfalls that accompanied them,
we hope to bridge the gap between the message of great spiritual masters throughout history by showing how their teachings play out in everyday life.

Facing one's fears, insecurities, and suppressed pain, is a monumental undertaking,
but with help and guidance,
you will discover that no challenge is to difficult to handle and no obstacle is to high to climb.


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