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Emerging Consciousness is the "Key" to transcending the deceptions of the Ego,
thereby allowing you to experience;

Peace, Happiness, Love and Joy!

Consciousness allows you to see reality beyond the limitations of the mind and ego. This awareness can help you control your reactions to challenging situations that arise instead of letting the mind and ego take the lead. For instance, how can something be worked with or changed if you don't even know what it is? While unconscious and controlled by the deceptions of the ego, we remain disempowered and buried in an illusory state that causes all our fear, pain, discontentment, struggle, and desolate feelings of isolation. As we become aware of reality we begin to understand why things are the way they are which brings forth compassion and tolerance for ourselves and others as we learn to accept the present moment.

Consciousness breeds Understanding
Understanding breeds Accepptance
Acceptance breeds Compassion
Compassion breeds Love
Love eliminates Fear

which brings

Stressful thoughts occur in the mind but they're never a problem until we claim them as our own and in that way become attached to what we think. In addition, we can become defensive of our opinions as we scramble to protect our positions. We then follow the ego and place our focus, energy, and attention on everything "outside" ourselves thereby creating stress through attachment to circumstances we can't control. The only way to free yourself of your illusory thoughts and judgments is to question your thoughts; find out what you really believe to be true instead of being led around by the ego.

The best resource I have ever found to help me challenge my stressful, unhealthy thoughts, is
Byron Katie and what she calls, "The Work". What you might discover after spending twenty minutes filling out her worksheet and asking yourself a few questions, is that your stressful thoughts aren't true and that you have believed them in error. Everyone pretty much shares the same stressful thoughts so her work is easy to relate to, and can help anyone willing to know the truth. Byron Katie's method is practical and hands on and is the easiest way to cut through all our illusions and discover our own truth.

To learn more, go to her website at;

The beauty of "The Work" is that it removes the barriers to the Peace, happiness, joy, and love that are laying in wait within you. Once you have cleared away the un-true thoughts and belief systems you will have room for the truth to emerge and you may find that you really don't "know" what you thought you knew and more importantly, you don't need to know. The ego likes certainty but there is freedom in not needing to know.

In the context we speak of here, Consciousness does not literally mean being awake from a sleep state. It means Being Aware of Reality. Which can only happen once we begin to see life clearly without the darkness that confusion and misconception causes.

David R Hawkins, for me, is the leading authority on the subject of consciousness. His work includes the creation of what he calls, "The Map of Consciousness". Through the use of kinesiology and this unique scale, one can discern the difference between truth and falsehood. This is a feat that the mind cannot accomplish unaided, but the method he uses bypasses the mind and ego, going directly to the discovery of universal truth. He was the most highly conscious being on the planet but alas he is no longer in the physical realm as he passed in October of 2012.

For more information on his extensive body of work visit David R Hawkins at;

Any thought that causes us pain or stress of any kind is a thought that should be examined. Whenever we experience emotional pain, the discomfort is a signal from the sprit that the thought we are believing at that moment is not true for us and when we believe a lie it doesn't sit well in the body, resulting in stress of some kind. Clarity knows no pain. When a being is completely free of thinking, as in beyond thought, the state is commonly known as "Enlightenment", or as being fully conscious. Most of us aren't there yet but we are all on the journey toward being self realized whether we recognize it or not.

Awakening to reality can be shocking as you begin to become aware that what you once believed so fully, is no longer true for you. And you may be frustrated by the dysfunctional ways of the world but there is purpose to this dysfunction. It takes even higher consciousness to see that what appears as insanity, is actually perfection. The beauty lies in the great opportunities for growth that those difficult experiences provide.

Consciousness has many facets to it, and in the following Links I will discuss these topics:



Personal Awakening


Awakening Your Natural State

Awakening to God

Awakening Work

As we focus more attention towards our inner selves, we begin to see ourselves with much more clarity. And when you can see yourself for who you truly are you may begin to see your surroundings in a fresh, new light, eventually discovering Amazing Beauty in places, you never noticed it before. Beauty surrounds us at all times and in all places, there for the viewing. Once you are able to find the beauty in yourself you will begin to project in on to the rest of the world. Recognizing beauty, requires nothing more than a glance with a open heart.

Consciousness means only to become aware of what has been there all along. Noticing feels like the discovery of something new but it isn't new, you are new to the awareness of it. When I see newness, it feels more like a remembrance and in actuality, that's exactly what it is! In reality there is nothing new, no new thoughts and no new feelings, only becoming newly aware. As I look back on the way I have lived my life I see that It has been so similar to what so many others have done, with the same disappointing results.

For thirty years I followed the ego's philosophy and couldn't understand why my well thought out plan didn't bring me the happiness I so desired. I experienced brief moments of pleasure but true contentment and joy eluded me. When I started to awaken and consciousness emerged I began to see that my plans had been generated by the conditions of my childhood, social conditioning, and what the ego wanted. My priorities were deeply out of balance and the motivations behind them were based on fear, insecurities, and superficial, egotistical desires. In my particular case, I began to see that I was a victim to life where my personal inadequacies prompted most of my choices and thoughts about who I was as a person and how I should manage my life. By accepting life unconditionally, instead of resisting or trying to control it, I eventually leaned that "life" wasn't the enemy, it was always there to support me.

As my awareness and understanding increased, I discovered that there was no external place where peace and happiness could be found nor was I predisposed to follow the fear based conditioning I had learned from my upbringing. Consciousness would reveal that my true nature wasn't a byproduct of my circumstances or conditioning but rather a state of being that comes from beyond the physical realm. I realized that the "journey" or the "present moment" is all we actually have in this life, and by clearing away my unhealthy thoughts, motivations and perceptions, I could finally have the peace, joy and happiness that can only be experienced in the "now".

Eckhart Tolle, has written several books that discuss living in the present moment or what he would call, "living in the now". Two of his bestselling books are "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". Eckhart Tolle reminds us that everyone's life circumstance is complex and problematic, but you can instantly transform that experience by focusing on the here and now because the present moment is simple and free of problems. Living in the now means you are fully present in this moment, allowing you to draw your power from the "One True Source". This makes any problematic, physical situation much easier to cope with given the fact that you are able to see it with clarity instead of whatever the ego would have you believe.

To learn more about Eckhart Tolle's work, visit his website at; and by visiting our webpage on Eckhart Tolle.

As consciousness expanded within me I became aware that I wasn't in control of what was happening in my own life, that the best I could hope for was to manage my reactions to what occurred. I came to see a subtle yet strong tapestry to my life; that without my involvement all the pieces fit together in a way that I could never have orchestrated on my own. This understanding allowed me to start releasing the fear of the unknown because I knew that I was being guided by an unseen force that seemed to have my best interest at heart. This helped me to pull my energy back from "out there" and re-direct that energy inward where it could best be utilized.

I came see how much time I had spent butting into other people's business, always evaluating what others should do, say, feel and then judging them for their choices. And when I concern myself with why catastrophic things happen I'm actually intruding in God's business. Once I realized who was in-charge of what, a great weight was lifted and my life became easier as the burden of responsibility was reduced to my own manageable circle of control.

Work with us to help the Expansion of Consciousness on this planet by sharing your "Personal Journey" with others.

We have found a number of teachers and authors that have provided invaluable insight in helping us to further our journey toward becoming more conscious. The authors listed below have been exceptionally impactful to both my wife and myself during our own quest for the truth.

Byron Katie

Eckhart Tolle

David R. Hawkins

"The capacity to recognize the truth is a potential within human consciousness, and the combined intention of the consciousness of all people in that direction intensifies the overall field. At some intuitive level, everyone knows that truth supports life and falsity brings death."
David R Hawkins

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers." M. Scott Peck

"When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self."

"Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true."

Helpful Hint

New Awareness
will change the way you see your life.
Awareness itself can't change your circumstances, but it can enlighten you to new understandings that may.

Be Kind

As new awareness pours in, try to be kind when judging other's.
What you see in someone else, is merely a reflection of something in you.
So being kind to others, will help you be kind to yourself when you turn your attention inwards.

The Goal of this Website:

The Awakening Workshop's primary purpose is to help others transform their experience of life into one that is authentic and joyous by providing resources and personal examples to assist in becoming
self-realized and conscious of reality.

The teachings of:

David R Hawkins
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Taylor Hartman
have been fundamental in guiding us on the path towards enlightenment.

The culmination of everything we have experienced and learned
has led us to write our own book titled:
Manifesting Consciousness

A Personal Journey Through The Awakening Process

To download a free version of our book click on the following link:


The Preface link will give you a small taste of what our book is about:


Please feel free to E-Mail us with any comments or questions you may have about this subject matter, or if you wish to share your own personal experiences, by going to the
Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

we can eliminate fear and darkness by shining the light of truth upon it.


Our workshops provide the "tools" and support to help you create a happy, peaceful life!

In sharing our experiences, along with the challenges and pitfalls that accompanied them,
we hope to bridge the gap between the message of great spiritual masters throughout history by showing how their teachings play out in everyday life.

Facing one's fears, insecurities, and suppressed pain, is a monumental undertaking,
but with help and guidance,
you will discover that no challenge is to difficult to handle and no obstacle is to high to climb.


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