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Our personality type creates the "Style"
in which we tend to operate in this world.

"Blue Personalities are primarily motivated by altruism". They try to be kind and they value selflessness. They enjoy helping others even when they are unconscious to the fact that they truly need to help themselves first.

Blue Personalities crave intimacy! They typically want to know and share everything with their significant other. Above all they want to love and be loved in return. This type of man or woman considers even a successful career secondary to a central Relationship.

In addition to this personality type, the individual will take on either an Adult or Child Role that adds another dimension to the character they play in this production we call "Life". These attributes and traits make us more unique thereby giving us a broader view and experience of the human condition.

Speaking from personal experience, "Child" Blue Personalities can be very demanding and we can resort to drastic measures in order to get our way even if that means throwing a tantrum or exaggerating the facts of the situation. As I became self-aware and conscious of reality my child-like attributes started to diminish as they were replaced by healthier, more responsible, Adult-like behavior.

Blue personalities like to be listened to, understood, and appreciated. Being vulnerable, is a small price to pay for the chance to be emotionally close, and as a consequence, are more likely to have their hearts broken. In addition, their tendency to "people please" can be a major obstacle in listening to their own heart, but consciousness and self-awareness will help them re-connect with their true feelings and desires along with giving them the courage to follow those inspirations. Typically they have a strong moral code and behave "appropriately" but tend to judge others harshly that don't meet their high standards.

They seem to have the strongest sense of integrity. They would rather loose than knowingly cheat. In Taylor Hartman's opinion, "Blues are people who should be in positions of power, but seldom are."

Keep in mind that all of these traits are influenced by the individuals level of consciousness. In other words, someone's willingness to lie, cheat, or steal is primarily dictated by their consciousness level and their correlating ability to recognize truth.

Ultimately, it's beneficial to incorporate the healthy aspects of all the personality types. By learning about these qualities, it is easy to see where your strengths are and what you need to work on.

Being a Blue Personality myself, and playing the Child Role, indicates that I need to incorporate the peacefulness of White Personalities, the assertiveness of
Red Personalities, the lighthearted playful nature of Yellow Personalities, and some Adult attributes to help me become a well balanced, whole individual.

What I'm also discovering is that as I continue to awaken and become conscious, this balance tends to come about as a natural byproduct of increasing awareness.

To learn more about Blue Personalities, and how the awakening process has personally affected my life, click on the following link; Download Our Book to get a free version of "Manifesting Consciousness". You can also get a smale taste of our book by clicking on the following link to read the Preface.

To see more information on all four personality types go to our Personalities web page.

Most of the material on this web page about Blue Personalities and the use of the descriptive word "Blue", is primarily based on information gathered from
Taylor Hartman's book on Personalities called the Color Code along with our own personal insights and understanding of the subject matter. Out of all the books we've read about personalities Taylor Hartman's seemed the most accurate and easy to understand.

Follow this link to see Taylor Hartman's website.

Without knowing them personally, we believe some famous Blue Personalities are:

Jennifer Anniston, Tom Selleck, Tina Turner, Tom Hanks, Sally Field, Curt Russell, Whoopie Goldberg, Liam Nieson, Hillary Swank, Morgan Freeman

"Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort."
Jean Cocteau

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"The torment of human frustration, whatever its immediate cause, is the knowledge that the self is in prison, its vital force and "mangled mind" leaking away in lonely, wasteful self-conflict."
Elizabeth Drew

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

The Goal of this Website:

The Awakening Workshop's primary purpose is to help others transform their experience of life into one that is authentic and joyous by providing resources and personal examples to assist in becoming
self-realized and conscious of reality.

The teachings of:

David R Hawkins
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Taylor Hartman
have been fundamental in guiding us on the path towards enlightenment.

The culmination of everything we have experienced and learned
has led us to write our own book titled:
Manifesting Consciousness

A Personal Journey Through The Awakening Process

To download a free version of our book click on the following link:


The Preface link will give you a small taste of what our book is about:


Please feel free to E-Mail us with any comments or questions you may have about this subject matter, or if you wish to share your own personal experiences, by going to the
Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

we can eliminate fear and darkness by shining the light of truth upon it.


Our workshops provide the "tools" and support to help you create a happy, peaceful life!

In sharing our experiences, along with the challenges and pitfalls that accompanied them,
we hope to bridge the gap between the message of great spiritual masters throughout history by showing how their teachings play out in everyday life.

Facing one's fears, insecurities, and suppressed pain, is a monumental undertaking,
but with help and guidance,
you will discover that no challenge is to difficult to handle and no obstacle is to high to climb.


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