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Awakening to stillness is learning how to slow down, and find your "True" self.

Awakening to Stillness requires a "Slowing Down". It's a quieting of the mind and your thoughts. It's impossible to stop thoughts from entering your mind but you can learn how to detach yourself from them, thereby minimizing the impact and affect they have on your life or state of being. Stressful thoughts and drama are created by the Ego so as to completely occupy our time and distract us from reality. This is the purpose of the ego so that it can remain in control of our lives.

Byron Katie's book "Loving What Is" is dedicated to helping us challenge our stressful thoughts. She uses a process she calls "The Work", which is a series of questions that allow you to realize that the stressful thoughts you have aren't true. Eventually, awakening to stillness along with challenging your stressful thoughts will free you from fear and allow you to transcend the deceptions of the ego altogether.

This state of being is called "enlightenment".

The noise in your mind keeps you distracted from reality so that you never discover your true-self or become conscious. The "Real" lies in the present moment and awakening to stillness provides an opportunity to finally experience reality. In short, the ego is fighting for its survival by keeping you in an illusion, but awakening to stillness starts to sever the automatic impulse we have to constantly attach ourselves and believe the thoughts our mind and ego are producing.

The ego accomplishes this by convincing you that everything you think or do is important or precious, as if they were actually a part of you. The physical things themselves aren't really the problem, it's the attachment to them that keeps us imprisoned.

We can learn to keep the things we think and do in perspective by realizing that they ultimately don't matter because they aren't everlasting.

Awakening to Stillness automatically starts to slow your life down. Then you will begin to contemplate Your life on a more regular basis which is another way of saying, you will become more conscious of each aspect of your life.

Some people find "tools" like Yoga or Meditation, helpful in slowing down and connecting with your spirit. Personally, I love taking long walks (without a cell phone or an I-Pod) and simply take in all the Beauty around me by paying close attention to it.

While walking, I feel the air enter and exit my lungs. I notice the sweat start to form on my body. I feel my muscles get warm. I notice the ground beneath my feet. And I take the time to fully take in all the sights and sounds around me. This means ignoring what I had for dinner last night or what projects I have on my agenda today.

Awakening to Stillness or learning to be present, is essential in the awakening process. One of our favorite author's Eckhart Tolle, has written two books that discuss being in the present moment or what he would call, "living in the now". These two books are called "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth".

These books are well known and can be very helpful in focusing on the present. We highly recommend them to anyone who is Awakening to Stillness, and wants to learn how to live more in the present moment.

To learn more about Eckhart Tolle's work, visit his website at; and by going to our webpage about Eckhart.

Glimpses of love and joy or brief moments of deep peace are possible whenever a gap occurs in the stream of thought. For most people such gaps happen rarely and only accidentally, in moments when mind is rendered "speechless", sometimes triggered by great beauty, extreme physical exertion, or even great danger. Suddenly there is inner stillness. And within that stillness there is a subtle but intense joy, there is love, there is Peace.
Excerpt from "The Power of Now" by Echart Tolle

"Awareness of the overall silent contextual field is facilitated by a contemplative lifestyle that could be likened to shifting interest from details to "the big picture." It "gets" overall qualities of atmosphere without going into specifics, and therefore intuits generalities rather than thinking or analyzing.
The resistance of the ego/mind is that it is afraid it might "miss" something, as it is addicted to processing the details of the content of form, which is the attraction and lure of the world. To "renounce the world" means to withdraw energy from it and decline activities that require attention to specifics, thereby abiding in the Self rather than in the amusements of the self."
David R Hawkins

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"Gloria in excelsis Deo"

"The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become."
W.E.B. Du Bois

"Only do what your heart tells you."
Princess Diana

"It is in deep solitude that I find the gentleness with which I can truly love my brothers. The more solitary I am the more affection I have for them. Solitude and silence teach me to love my brothers for what they are, not for what they say."
Thomas Merton


Awakening to Stillness
is easier said than done. Most of our lives are completely filled with distractions and busy work. This includes the condition of our mind.
Awakening to Stillness and learning to slow down, allows space to connect with your spirit which in turn lets inspiration emerge.

The Goal of this Website:

The Awakening Workshop's primary purpose is to help others transform their experience of life into one that is authentic and joyous by providing resources and personal examples to assist in becoming
self-realized and conscious of reality.

The teachings of:

David R Hawkins
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Taylor Hartman
have been fundamental in guiding us on the path towards enlightenment.

The culmination of everything we have experienced and learned
has led us to write our own book titled:
Manifesting Consciousness

A Personal Journey Through The Awakening Process

To download a free version of our book click on the following link:


The Preface link will give you a small taste of what our book is about:


Please feel free to E-Mail us with any comments or questions you may have about this subject matter, or if you wish to share your own personal experiences, by going to the
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We look forward to hearing from you!

we can eliminate fear and darkness by shining the light of truth upon it.


Our workshops provide the "tools" and support to help you create a happy, peaceful life!

In sharing our experiences, along with the challenges and pitfalls that accompanied them,
we hope to bridge the gap between the message of great spiritual masters throughout history by showing how their teachings play out in everyday life.

Facing one's fears, insecurities, and suppressed pain, is a monumental undertaking,
but with help and guidance,
you will discover that no challenge is to difficult to handle and no obstacle is to high to climb.


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